Freequently Asked Questions

Freequently Asked Questions
What to do in case of death at home ?

Contact your doctor or SOS doctors (📞 1733). Once the death certificate ( IIIC form) has been filled in by a doctor, call us :  02 792 08 00

When can I contact A&G Funeral Group funeral services ?

All day and night, 24h/7 :  📞  02 792 08 00


How much time do I have to organise a funeral ?

You have from 2 to 7 working days after death has been declared by a doctor. This give you time to take all the administrative steps (declaration, authorisation request…) but also to act within a reasonable delay allowing you to spare time for mourning.

May the dead body be kept at home ?

Yes upon certain conditions for hygienic and security reasons.

Must I declare the deceased at the civil service?

No, all administrative steps will be taken by our team.

In some cases, the hospital or rest home send the documents to the administration.

What to do if death occurs on the public way ?

Call the police. They sometimes contact funeral services to organise a transfer. You may however can whichever funeral services you want and don’t have to go with the one chosen by the police.

What to do in case of violent death ?

First call the police (101) and then us, we will answer and provide help during all hours of the day and night.


What happens in case of death at the hospital ?

Once someone from the hospital has warned you, contact us.

And in case of death in a rest home ?

Someone will warn you, then call us.
If the deceased has not written his last wishes, the family choose and decide for the ceremony and the burial.

How does the cremation take place ?

It all depends on the family’s choice. The different steps will be discussed when you meet your funeral adviser.

What to do with the Ashes ? Conserve, bury or scatter them ?

In Belgium, you have the choice :

  • Scattering in the crematorium garden, in the cemetery you want, or in the sea..
  • Conservation at home
  • Burial: columbarium or vault
Is it cheaper to be cremated ?

Not necessarily, it all depends on the type of monument, the place of burial and the ashes destination. The difference in price will be discussed when we meet you.

Who takes care of the death announcements ? How much time ?

We print and deliver them within 24 hours.

What about the announcement in the newspaper ?

We help write the announcement properly and we publish it in the newspapers you want.

Why plan one’s funeral ?

It is important to plan one’s funeral to make sure one’s will is fulfilled and also to relief one’s family, deeply affected by the death.

Can a chapel still be built nowadays ?

Yes, although it depends on the regulations in force in your municipality. We will inform and help you if you wish to do so.

What to do if death occurs abroad ? Who takes care of the repatriation ?

Contact us and check if the dead person was insured. We will check how to organise the repatriation from or to Belgium and organise the funeral in Belgium.

What about the inheritance ?

If the dead person owns a good, you have to contact a solicitor. Otherwise, the justice of peace decision is enough.

Know more about inheritance :
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What distinguishes our services from our counterparts ?

Full services offered to families and our years of experience in organising many funerals in Belgium and abroad make us a model in the field of funeral services in Belgium.

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